Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will My Qurbani Be Distributed?

Your Qurbani donations will bring a share of happiness to impoverished communities across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East in 12 countries providing them with much-needed relief and joy. India, Pakistan, Rohingya Refugees (Bangladesh), Yemen, Gaza, Somalia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Afghanistan, Uyghur Refugees (Turkiye), and Syria.

How is the Qurbani process implemented for Gaza, and why do you use chilled meat?

Our Qurbani process for Gaza involves carefully selecting and purchasing livestock in Egypt. The animals are humanely sacrificed according to Islamic guidelines during the 10th - 13th days of Dhul Hijjah. The meat is then chilled, cut, and individually packaged. It is transported in refrigerated trucks to Gaza via the Rafah land crossing, ensuring it remains fresh and safe. Using chilled meat helps maintain its quality and safety, which is crucial given the high temperatures and limited resources in Gaza. This method allows us to manage logistics efficiently and ensures your Qurbani reaches the most vulnerable families in optimal condition.

Who is Qurbani compulsory for?

Qurbani is compulsory for all adult Muslims who possess wealth above the Zakat threshold (nisab). This includes those who have savings or assets that exceed their basic needs and liabilities. Performing Qurbani is a means of sharing Allah's blessings with those in need and fulfilling a religious obligation.

Do you need to give all the names of the people who are giving Qurbani? And will their names be called out during slaughter?

No, as it will be strenuous to recite the names of all the thousands of donors. Scholars have approved the sacrifice without the names as long as the intention of the person was made. We encourage everyone to make their intention when donating their Qurbani.

How is Qurbani performed at Humaniti?

Humaniti has already prearranged and paid for livestock (that strictly meets the requirements of Qurbani) ahead of time.

All animals are sacrificed on the days of Eid and distributed to those in need to enjoy these blessed days of Eid.

We assess and identify which families have higher priority in receiving your Qurbani. The families most in need are assessed according to the following criteria:

- Families who live on less than the minimum income for that particular country
- Female-headed households
- Families with disabled and/or elderly persons
- Children under five years old
- Pregnant women
- Breastfeeding mothers
- Families with little or no access to the market

Can we offer more than one Qurbani?

Yes! You are allowed to offer more than one sacrifice. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) himself carried out multiple Qurbani for himself and the Ummah. You may offer a Qurbani on behalf of your father or mother, and loved ones (living or deceased).

Where are you headquartered?

Humaniti is headquartered in Canada & USA.

What forms of Payment do you accept for donations?

Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, US/CA Bank Transfer, Google Pay, Apple Pay. 

What currency can I donate in?

You can donate in your local currency in checkout! Any currency is accepted. 

Will Humaniti directly receive my funds?

Yes! Your donation will be given directly to Humaniti so people worldwide can be given food on your behalf.

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